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Technology — Video Recordings
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Real-time remote video surveillance 24/7/365 assures you’ll have peace of mind whenever and wherever you are. Monitor multiple spots in and around your property, even on multi-level buildings, and is easily supervised on one large screen. Our professional technicians and operators with extensive experience are always ready to serve you.

24/7, 365 worked!
The importance & effectiveness & archival

SnG Safety’s team works around the clock to protect your property at all times. Our cloud-based video surveillance ensures speedy and powerful response and protection. Detailed reports and archived video surveillance are securely stored for you and easily accessible for your legal needs.

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Cost Savings!
Why SnG is better & competitive

Protection comes at a fraction of the cost with SnG Safety. Our advanced technologies and services are uniquely packaged to save you time and money on safeguarding your property. We strive for efficient solutions, ease of access, and peace of mind for you with our security services.

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live video monitoring service

SnG Safety management LTD is a unique technology of video surveillance and monitoring in the field of safety and security . We have been providing security monitoring services to hundreds of satisfied customers for more than 3 years. We offer smart cameras, a single management platform, custom integration with legacy systems, cloud-based video surveillance and effective video audits, etc. There are many different video monitoring and site security systems on the security systems market, but all of them have a number of significant drawbacks, due to which service price increases several times and the quality of security suffers. The implementation of SnG security system will allow you to significantly reduce these expenses. We select the most efficient and economical system for a given client from the available modern systems. . .

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