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Competent video surveillance connection pattern.

A key feature of this system is the ability to build a multi-level (integrated) security management system in office centers, housing complexes, dealerships, townhouses, warehouses, cannabis production supervision at relatively short time and financial costs. Using the latest video surveillance technology, we are able to monitor dozens of cameras in real-time mode. We can customize the video surveillance system according to your requirements, while maintaining reasonable prices. If you already have your own camera system, we can easily integrate existing equipment with one of our remote offices.

Fast response time

New processes and systems help us to react faster to potential intruders and other incomprehensible situations that may arise on the controlled object. We have also developed our own software that allows you to respond immediately to any signs of intrusion or activity on the site. Therefore, we can see a clear picture of what is happening on site, and this in turn allows us to monitor the video in real-time mode and, in which case, to eliminate any false alarms.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We are always in touch with you!

We work 24/7, so we are always ready to answer your questions. The most important thing for us is to keep your property safe. This is what makes us different from all our competitors. All sorts of criminals and thieves do not sit still and come up with all the new tricks to seize someone else's property. But we don’t give a chance to deceive us and always go one step ahead to protect you and your sources of income as much as possible. The perfect combination of human, new technologies, control and monitoring of each camera – is the key to success and saving everything in its entirely and good condition. Having a professional monitoring service through surveillance cameras allows you to know that the room is always guarded, so you can be unalarmed about your property. Whether it is a house, apartment, commercial property or business, you will be pleased to know that it is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring specialists are vigilant, dedicated and can be called the most effective solution for your business. If you want to protect your property in a cost-effective way, SnG Safety management LTD is for you.

There are no analogues among competitors.

Why is it worth choosing us and how do we differ from the others?

  • We have a highly qualified team of operators with vast experience of surveillance.
  • Individual approach to customer needs (operators are directly acquainted with the customer in order to avoid false and unnecessary interruptions in the transmission of the necessary information).
  • Cost-effective approach for our customers.
  • Constantly developing new services (access control, virtual concierge, etc.)
  • Management with vast experience in security and surveillance (more than 3 years).
Trust, but check you must!

Secure your business and website- install cameras in office buildings and monitor all the actions of employees at the right time! We competently install surveillance cameras using a clear framework, which in the future will help to cover all corners of the workflow of employees and helps to prevent illegal intrusion of unauthorized persons into the site and thus will be able to protect confidential information of the enterprise from its leak to competitors and other detractors. The immediate response of our specialists reduces the risk of theft and all kinds of damage to property — the company's tangible and intangible assets. With us you can constantly monitor and regulate all activities on the corporate website. Our security system works on the principle of activity monitoring and access restricting for all non-authorized users of this site.

Save money by choosing an efficient way to monitor your assets!

Our company provides a new service in the field of security - an online concierge. This, you can reduce the costs of maintaining a 24-hour concierge on the site almost several times. Buildings look more attractive , in terms of selling objects or renting to third parties, as maintenance costs are reduced by the online concierge. You save money and get all the convenience of remote access to the necessary programs and video surveillance systems.

Pay for the result!

You will never pay for what you do not receive. Therefore, the price of our services depends on the monitoring schedule for the facilities and resources that you own. We do not sleep and do not take a vacation, work seven days a week and even on holidays. This means that at any time of the day SnGs is ready to answer your calls or messages, from technical questions to the banal “hello”. Contact SnG Safety management LTD today and find out the detailed information on how we can help you to solve all your problems with video surveillance and security of your real estate and business:

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