No Matter How Big or Small the Property, SnG Safety is Here to Protect with a Watchful Eye

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Video monitoring

Probably everyone knows or heard from acquaintances- video surveillance services in real- time  mode are the most effective and reliable assistants in the protection of commercial and non-commercial sites.  

They help to catch criminals, moreover  they are very powerful means of crime prevention. 

The psychology of people is as follows-when they see surveillance cameras they are likely to get scared and will not commit a crime, in view of the fact that they  will be immediately recorded by cameras that can help police to identify the person and quickly apprehend a criminal. 

While the objects that are protected by ordinary guards and without CCTV cameras are at risk several times more.

With all sorts of tricks criminals can easily deceive or neutralize the guard, as a result, then easily seize your property — tangible or intangible.  

If you choose real-time video monitoring from SnG Safety management LTD, you can stop worrying about the security of your assets. 

Our videographers are very vigilant and attentive, so they immediately respond to any unclear situation on the site, which increases the chances of catching any criminals who can harm your business.

We work closely with all our customers, so we develop an individual video surveillance system for everyone that meets all the principles, requirements, wishes and budgets.

The real-time video surveillance system from SnG Safety management LTD takes care of all the intricacies of the security of your assets - from installation to implementation and training.


Our team SnG Safety management LTD, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of security and video surveillance, offers you customized real-time video surveillance system monitoring services, with the ability to connect to an existing system, there is no need to spend extra money on new equipment - this is a big savings in the budget of your company; the modernization of the existing video surveillance system,that you  previously installed on the site; the designing and installation of video surveillance systems for businesses, houses, apartments and warehouses, taking into account all your wishes; and cannabis production surveillance as well.

In our work we use only innovative solutions, so we offer the highest quality service to each client.  


Online business surveillance anywhere in the world and the security of multiple locations at the same time!

With our video surveillance system, every business owner can monitor the security of his assets at any time convenient for him and from anywhere in the world. SnG Safety security system allows you to view multiple access points to the protected site at the same time.

You can also see video footage previously taken throughout the space where the surveillance cameras are installed - the so-called virtual security tour.


Video monitoring of security at commercial sites

Do you have many competitors in the niche? Do you use intelligent solutions and expensive equipment in your work? - Then SnG Safety system is for you!

Construction companies, the oil and gas industry, agricultural farms, including cannabis farms  as well as various solar power plants use very expensive and indispensable equipment in their work. In case of any failures in the work, you can suffer great losses. Therefore, the stakes are high here and you can’t hope for ordinary guards.

It is necessary to choose only high-quality video surveillance systems in real-time mode , that allow such companies to remotely monitor the  areas where protected sites are located and help in the detection of dangerous and illegal activities.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 (366) days a year, we will monitor all activity on your commercial sites in order to detect all offenses, illegal entrerings to the site, property damage (which can often be found in highly competitive business niches), vandalism, theft of employees.

In which case,  the necessary and immediate measures of impact will be applied immediately!

By entrusting us with your business, you can stop worrying about asset security.

Yes, ordering our  video surveillance services , you are preparing for the worst, but in fact you get high-quality solutions for the security of your property!

While SnG Safety is engaged in protecting your business, you can safely think about the future and development of your company in highly competitive markets.

A full complex of services: installation, maintenance, integrative solutions

Real-time monitoring is a more powerful and better solution for providing site security rather than just an analog CCTV system without operators. You may ask what is the difference? The real-time video monitoring system uses IP cameras, which store the footage on the built-in web server. The server, in turn, processes images of slightly better quality, therefore you will always receive only high-quality images from the secured site. 

But the analog video surveillance security systems which use standard cameras often record the footage for later viewing on hard disks. Footage like that is compressed in order to save space, thereby giving only blurry images later.

In addition to high-quality hardware and the latest advances in technology, the remote online monitoring service allows you to prevent any attempts of illegal actions on your site. 

Furthermore, this system informs you about any attempts to commit an offense as soon as possible. Detailed reporting and instant response allow you to go back through the necessary video fragment and get the most detailed description of all events. You will not miss a single detail and will always know about everything that happened during your absence.

SnG Safety invites you to take advantage of this high-quality innovation in the field of security. You can order a comprehensive service for the installation and maintenance of this system, as well as constantly update it in case of new integration solutions. 

 For each client we have only individual solutions for design and installation, taking into account all the features of the business or the wishes of the business owner.

We have developed a real-time monitoring system for video surveillance, which can be easily combined with other video surveillance programs that you have previously installed, or use it as a separate solution for asset security.

Due to the significant progress in the development of innovative technologies, including  the field of security, your video surveillance systems can be both simple and complex, as far as your business and your budget allows.

Third Party Monitoring

One of our main advantages is cooperation with other security companies. In SnG Safety management LTD, you can order remote monitoring services for security companies that have previously installed surveillance cameras for their customers. For you it will be a more efficient and cost-effective solution than hiring a security guard at the place of your organization’s activities. We can provide this service at a monthly rate, which depends on the size of the protected site, the number of cameras installed, etc. (individually for each!).

You must agree that monitoring 24/7 from highly professional specialists is the best solution to this problem. 

We guarantee quality and quick response to the incident that happened. 10 years experience speaks for itself!

Detailed event reporting

Be always aware of all the events that occur at your sites, thanks to the detailed reports.

You can view statistics of irregular actions, incidents, illegal intrusions into the territory, theft from employees, etc. in detailed reports that are generated after a certain period of time or at the request of the user.

If there was any theft, damage to property by third parties, vandalism or other illegal actions on any of the protected objects, you can request from us archival video materials that will help in further investigation of this crime and identification of the perpetrators. With such data you can easily contact the police and  it will be an evidence base against intruders.

Protect your property and business with an efficient, comprehensive, and easy-to-use real-time video monitoring system! Be a step ahead of the intruders.